EP5: Let's talk about FUNNELS

Episode 5 May 21, 2020 00:38:07
EP5: Let's talk about FUNNELS
In Demand: How to Grow Your SaaS to $1M ARR and Beyond
EP5: Let's talk about FUNNELS

May 21 2020 | 00:38:07


Show Notes

Funnels are a great thinking tool for founders. They help us clarify the journey our customers take and help us plan the steps needed to scale. But thinking in funnels can narrow our vision if we don’t truly understand the reality behind the tool. 

In this episode of In Demand, Asia Orangio of DemandMaven breaks down the basics of funnels. From the different types of funnels to common misconceptions and how marketers and founders can use them to maximize them to grow their business. 



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