EP18: Founder to CEO

Episode 18 February 21, 2023 00:28:18
EP18: Founder to CEO
In Demand: How to Grow Your SaaS to $1M ARR and Beyond
EP18: Founder to CEO

Feb 21 2023 | 00:28:18


Show Notes

As a founder it can be hard to pull back and step into the role of CEO, but usually that is the most important move you need to make for the long term success of your company. 

In this episode of InDemand, Asia Orangio, CEO of DemandMaven, breaks down how to think about making the transition from being a great founder to being a great CEO!

Timestamps for TLDR:

0:35 - Welcome back to the In Demand podcast!

1:25 - The focus for this upcoming season of the show is on being and becoming a better CEO.

3:22 - What does it mean to be a CEO? Making great decisions, being a therapist, being the coach for the team, creating vision, framing the firms business challenge,

8:30 - It is important to understand the role of CEO no matter the business because when founders start taking themselves seriously as CEOs they make better decisions, build better teams, and help evolve the business.

11:15 - Being a better marketer boils down having a better sense of psychology and awareness about your target audience on top of having a really good understanding of the landscape that is available to you.

15:00 - When it comes to founders who don't transition to CEO, they often get bogged down in tasks because they haven't figured out how to delegate and then spend time in roles that don't fit the zone of genius of the founder.

17:45 - How do you make the transition from founder to CEO? You start by taking a step back and looking objectively at where things in your business are getting stuck because you don't have enough room on your plate

19:00 - When a founder is not acting like a CEO they struggle to see challenges within the organization from an objective perspective

22:10 - Finally when founders don't transition to CEO they usually move slower than the rest of the market

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